Whether you’re a recovering drug addict or alcoholic. Whether you’re recovering from self-harm or an eating disorder. There are countless things that someone could be recovering from but no matter what it is it is still something that at one point controlled our lives. Despite what some might think, this even includes those who have a serious mental illness because that too controlled that individuals life at one point and they still fight it everyday.

For me, it was whatever I could find to either calm the anxiety make me feel happy. My biggest struggles came from self-harm and food issues, for many reasons. But then I’m also dealing with “recovery” from bipolar disorder. I have to keep an eye on my moods every day, take meds to keep them as regulated as possible, there is no day off from this. The more my moods fluctuate the greater my desire to turn to self-harm gets. As I said, it’s a daily battle.

No matter your addiction, mental health condition, or you struggles, you don’t get a day off. It takes a lot of work, recovering and avoiding relapse, but it’s so worth it. Being able to truly live and enjoy life makes the daily battles worth it.

Rock Bottom

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

-J.K. Rowling

Those with a mental illness, including addictions, probably understand this. Many times you have to hit rock bottom before you’re able to recognize that you need help, that you’re not as okay as you keep telling yourself and others that you are. When you reach this place you have two options: let it consume you and not ask for help before it’s too late or learn to build yourself back up and become the person you want to be, the healthier and happier person you can be. I’m not saying that everyone hits rock bottom before they get to this point but many people do.

I had to hit rock bottom before finally listening to my therapist and psychiatrist, before then I was seeing them to make my mom happy not because I wanted to get better for me. Like J.K. Rowling stated, it became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

Sometimes you have to sink before you can swim.