Work and Mental Health

Working when you have a mental health condition can be a challenge, whether you’re working part-time or full-time. It doesn’t matter if the task you’re doing is big or small, it can be difficult. Always try to make your manager aware of your illness(es). They may not approve or like it but it’s important they know before you end up having a break down (panic/anxiety attack, etc.). For example, I was at work one day, I work at a convenience store, it was crazy busy and I was the only one on register but when my manager came out to help me with the line and saw the way my hand was shaking when I was redeeming a lottery ticket she whispered to me to go take my five (break). One day, before this I had told her about my mental health problems and because of this she recognized that I needed to get out of that situation ASAP because I was having an anxiety attack. Sadly, there are times when things like this happen and no one is around to help you out or your boss isn’t there to tell you to get away.

For instance, my manager was on vacation and ended up injuring herself. So, being the assistant manager, I’m now in charge until she’s able to return. That being said, I’m currently on a two week stretch without a day off, having worked 73 hours this week and 58 last week, and now taking on all of her responsibilities. Needless to say, I’m under A LOT of stress. Earlier in the week I even had a panic while at work, it’s been a fun time. Don’t get me wrong, I can manage the store and do well at it but my mental illnesses make it all the more difficult on me.

No matter what mental illness you have it can be hard to balance both taking care of your mental health and work. Seeking treatment, finding the right therapist, and depending on your condition getting the right meds, can help you learn some coping mechanisms to deal with the problems that can arise when trying to manage these two things.

It’s not easy but it can be done.

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